Why Stilus?

Stilus allows you to check the spelling and style of your texts in Spanish, according to your linguistic preferences and using any computer connected to the Internet.


Spell, grammar and style checker

Stilus is not a conventional checker that carries out superficial analyses of text. Its large lexical base and context-sensitive proofreading enable to identify real errors with a high level of accuracy, at all linguistic levels: spelling, typography, grammar, and style. Moreover, Stilus does not correct automatically the possible errors, but detects and revises them offering alternatives and providing didactic explanations supported by references. This way, the user decides whether to correct or not, and will always have control over the proofreading process. Read more...


Access via browser or through Microsoft Word integration

All the functionalities of Stilus are accessible from any computer equipped with an Internet connection, which enables to benefit from tools constantly improved and up-to-date. Alternatively, you can proofread your texts with the same accuracy from your favorite word processor thanks to our add-ins for Word. Read more...


Confidentiality agreement

To preserve the confidentiality of the texts checked with Stilus, they are automatically deleted once the processing is completed. The only information we store is the one needed to record service consumption: user, time of the request, word count. Read more...


Fully customizable

Set a default configuration or change it at any moment for customizing the proofreading according to style, subject or language variant. You can also choose the language of the interface (Spanish or English) or create a user dictionary that can be edited continuously (only available using the add-ins for Word). Read more...


Linguistic tools

Stilus is not just an automatic proofreader, it is a whole family of linguistic resources that represent an ideal environment for learning, experimenting or even playing with the language: morphosyntactic analyzer, verb conjugator, letter game, reverse dictionary, transcriber-syllabifier... Read more...


Who can benefit from Stilus?

We are all content generators in today’s information society (we communicate by email, participate in online forums and social networks, write on blogs, etc.). In addition, it is fundamental for the majority of professionals to write properly. That is why Stilus can be a great ally to authors and writers, proofreaders, translators, publishers, community managers, teachers and students, among others. Read more...

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Stilus es un corrector / revisor ortográfico, gramatical y de estilo multiidioma y accesible vía web o integrado en Microsoft Word