Our add-ins allow you to integrate Stilus with other products. Now you can access the proofreading functionality of Stilus from your favorite editing and content management applications.

Add-ins available

  • Stilus for Word add-in

    Stilus for Word is a Microsoft Word® add-in that allows for interactive text revision of your .doc/.docx documents and editing user dictionaries without leaving your word processor.


Forthcoming applications...

  • Stilus for WordPress add-in

    Stilus for WordPress is an add-in for this well-known content management tool that will allow you to revise your blog and other web texts edited using this platform.

    Let me know when it is available

  • Stilus for web browsers add-in

    Stilus for web browsers is an add-in for standard browsers that will allow you to revise the text displayed by a browser at any time. If the web page belongs to any of the most popular blogging/content management applications (e.g. WordPress, Blogger...), the add-in will interpret the page layout in order to proofread only the text editing area.

    Let me know when it is available
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Stilus es un corrector / revisor ortográfico, gramatical y de estilo multiidioma y accesible vía web o integrado en Microsoft Word