Who can benefit from Stilus?

We are all content generators in today's information society (we communicate by e-mail, participate in online forums and social networks, write on blogs, etc.). In addition, for the majority of professionals the ability of writing properly is vital. But we are human beings, and sometimes we might make typing mistakes or hesitate over the spelling of words or expressions. That's why Stilus can be a great ally to anyone interested in verifying the spelling and style of his or her texts before sharing them, improving writing skills or simply resolving doubts on language.

Autores y escritores

Authors and writers. Authors are the heads of their works, so they must have control over the creative process associated. Take advantage of the services provided by Stilus and remove any typos from your draft by yourself before sending it to a publishing house or self-publishing it. Nevertheless, at Stilus we always recommend a final human proofreading of the text, especially if it is intended for publication.


Proofreaders. Publishing houses impose tight deadlines on proofreaders, so sometimes proofreading thoroughly a text might be an impracticable task. If this is your case, Stilus can help you save time on tedious proofreading tasks, so that you can focus on issues that do require human reflection. Boost your productivity and increase your profits with our technology while preserving the quality of your work.


Translators. Stilus is a useful tool before, during, and after the translation process. Revise the source text in Spanish with Stilus and work on an original free from errors (automatic translation systems offer better results if the text has been previously checked by Stilus). During the translation process, use Stilus to clear up your doubts when writing in Spanish as target language, in particular if it is not your mother tongue. Finally, proofread your translated work. Among other errors, Stilus can detect semantic loans, wrong adaptations of foreign words, foreign words to be avoided and typographic differences between source and target language. In conclusion, with Stilus you will endow your translations with an added value: the orthotypographic and stylistic accuracy.

Publishing houses and mass media

Publishing houses and mass media. Proofreading is not so effective when it is performed solely by authors themselves. That's why mass media and publishing houses should have at least quality tools for proofreading texts. Our technology enables to ensure stylistic standardization according to the media company's or publishing house's own style manual. Benefit from Stilus and incorporate it in any hardware/software environment (for instance, a proprietary or third-party content manager).

Marketing and community managers

Marketing and community managers. If you work as a marketing or community manager, your texts constitute the essence of your profession. Revise your contents with Stilus before publishing them in conventional or social media, and obtain with a single click a check report of your blog or website. Protect your online reputation through proper writing and gain the interest and confidence of your audience.

Secretaries and executive assistants

Secretaries and executive assistants. The secretarial profession requires high writing skills. In their business communication, either internal or external, these professionals speak on behalf of CEOs or organizations. For this reason, their messages should then be conveyed in the most professional manner. The negative impact of careless communication might have severe consequences for your company. Use Stilus to revise any kind of document: it will help you perform your job with the required efficiency.


Teachers. Stilus is a helpful tool for teachers of Spanish as native or foreign language: it displays messages containing suggestions with references that keep teachers up-to-date. Moreover, as these messages are displayed interactively, Stilus helps increase the student's motivation and avoid the fossilization of errors. The use of Stilus in the classroom helps handle learning differences (the students set their own learning pace), improves self-correction, reduces the teacher's revision time, promotes reflection on linguistic issues (the students are responsible for accepting or not the suggested corrections), etc. In conclusion, with the help of Stilus it will be easier to sensitize students to textual accuracy.


Students. You can easily improve your academic performance with Stilus. Revise your writings, class works or Master theses by yourself; be aware of your errors, correct them interactively, and hand in your texts without mistakes. Besides learning spelling or grammar in a practical manner, your texts will be A+!

And if you have doubts on the morphological description of a word or the syntactic analysis of a sentence, or want to know how to conjugate a verb, use the auxiliary tools of Stilus. Your questions will be answered in just one click.

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