Access via web browsers or through Microsoft Word

Stilus allows for two access modes: as a web application and as a Microsoft Word add-in. The installation requirements on the user's PC are minimal, and only necessary for the Word add-in.

The language processing algorithms and the linguistic resources used by Stilus are constantly updated because revision is made online. As Stilus operates online, it needs minimum hardware/software requirements to be used on any computer.

Using Stilus from your web browser

Stilus is a web application that is accessible from any standard browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Opera). There is no need to install any software on your computer.

All functionalities are available in the Stilus web application:

  • Interactive proofreading

    It allows for proofreading your own text interactively and right on the screen.
  • Online interactive proofreading

  • Check report

    It provides a check report similar to the reviews that human proofreaders do. It is available for web pages, txt/html/doc/pdf documents and text inserted right in the proofreading window.
  • Online Check report

  • Other linguistic tools

    Verb conjugator, morphosyntactic analyzer, reverse dictionary...
  • Online linguistic tools

Using Stilus from Microsoft Word

Stilus for Word is a Microsoft Word add-in. Within the framework of your favorite word processor, it provides you with the Stilus' interactive proofreading functionality, and also additional customization facilities. This Word add-in allows you to find and correct spelling, typographical, grammar and style errors right in documents readable by Word (for more information, see the user manual for the add-in).

Correttore integrato in Word

In the same way that you use the Stilus web portal, an operative internet connection is needed for the Word add-in.

Stilus for Word is only available for the Gold and Platinum versions.

Corporate software applications integration

Publishing houses or large media companies use regularly standard products or tailored applications for enhancing content generation and editing. The Prisa group and Unidad Editorial, which are both well-known Spanish companies, have integrated Stilus into their corporate applications and business processes. Learn more about the business solutions provided by Daedalus if you wish to incorporate Stilus into other content management and editing systems.

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Stilus es un corrector / revisor ortográfico, gramatical y de estilo multiidioma y accesible vía web o integrado en Microsoft Word