Fully customizable

The Stilus technology makes it possible to configure the proofreading tools according to the user's preferences. Use Stilus at your convenience and revise your texts according to your linguistic preferences or style guide.

Linguistic settings for proofreading

In Stilus, you can modify the default configuration of the proofreading settings. By doing so, you can customize Stilus according to your preferences with regard to style, subject and linguistic register. In addition, the system will save the preferred options if you wish.

Linguistic settings for proofreading

Checking options for spelling, typography and style

Smart detection of proper nouns, prefixed words, words with quotation marks or in italics; verification of the opening and closing of pair of signs; warnings on spacing and punctuation errors; detection of too long sentences, foreign words, semantic fuzziness, tautology, etc.

Language variants

In Spanish and English, you can configure Stilus to revise texts belonging to specific language variants.



General Spanish General English
Peninsular Spanish American English
Latin American Spanish British English
Northern Latin American Spanish  
Caribbean Spanish  
Southern Latin American Spanish  
Mexican Spanish  
Central American Spanish  

Thematic and register dictionaries

You can have control over specific words you may want to include or exclude from your text, namely specialized terms or colloquial/neutral words. The following dictionaries are included in Stilus: Science and Technology, Humanities, Economy, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Sport, Politics, colloquial words and archaisms.

User interface language

Stilus allows you to configure the language of the interface regardless of the language in which your text is written. In other words, you can choose a language for the proofreading assistant regardless of the language of the text to analyze.

Select user interface language

See our customization facilities.

User dictionary in Stilus for Word

The user dictionary in Stilus for Word can be edited to add unknown words to the Stilus lexical base.

User dictionary

Customize Stilus according to your style guide

While academic language norms are commonly accepted by the majority of the speakers, it is common that publishing houses, mass media or big companies want to make their texts conform to the standards established by their own manuals of style (as for Spanish, these standards do not always match the norms of the Academy). The Prisa Group or Unidad Editorial are examples of companies that have incorporated their own language standards to Stilus. If you wish to customize Stilus or include in it your style guide, learn more about the business solutions provided by Daedalus.

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