Spell, grammar and style checker

Stilus allows you to check the spelling and style of your texts in Spanish, according to your linguistic preferences and using any computer connected to the Internet.

  • Stilus improves the quality of your texts

    It is an automatic proofreader that checks the spelling, grammar, typography and style of your texts, reaching a high linguistic accuracy.
  • Context-sensitive proofreading

    Stilus benefits from Natural Language Processing technologies to detect real errors considering the linguistic context. For this reason, its results are much more accurate with respect to other spellcheckers based on superficial analysis techniques.
  • Four levels of proofreading

    Stilus not only verifies the spelling and grammar of your texts, but also gives you information about many orthotypographic and stylistic aspects. In addition, if you request a check report, they will be differentiated by colors: spelling – red, grammar – green, typography – yellow, and style – blue.

Revisor ortográfico, gramatical y de estilo

  • Thorough and up-to-date revisions

    Stilus stands out for its great lexical coverage, the continuous updating and its strong linguistic rigor.

    Unlike other automatic proofreaders for Spanish, Stilus checks texts in compliance with the latest changes of the new manuals published by the Royal Spanish Academy and the Association of Spanish Language Academies. Moreover, it takes into account the recommendations provided by other linguistic authorities.

    At the same time, it is possible to choose whether to detect lexical expressions coming from Latin American Spanish:

Revisor ortográfico, gramatical y de estilo

  • Stilus suggests, you decide

    Unlike other proofreading applications, Stilus does not rewrite your text automatically. The user always has control over the proofreading process of his or her text.

Spell checking

Stilus recognizes much more vocabulary than any other Spanish spellchecker. It features an extensive lexical base of around 7 million words (and more than 180 000 of them are proper nouns). Its dictionaries are continuously updated with new lexical possibilities (neologisms), names of people, organizations, countries, etc., which emerge day by day in the contemporary social landscape.

  • Its high lexical coverage reduces false warnings on spelling and helps to remove doubts about the correct spelling of proper nouns.

  • Corrector ortografico

  • As Stilus is context-sensitive, the use of homophone pairs and diacritics can be verified.

  • Revisión ortográfica automática

  • Likewise, Stilus can detect wrong word formations, or foreign words wrongly adapted to Spanish.

  • Corrector automático

Orthotypography checking

Stilus handles many orthotypographic issues too, for instance:

  • It verifies the opening and closing of pairs of signs (quotation marks, parentheses, brackets…).
  • It checks spacing: double spaces, required spaces, or the lack thereof, between typographic signs, words, and so on.
  • It warns of wrong sequences of punctuation marks.

  • Corrector ortotipográfico

  • It checks punctuation in abbreviations.
  • It verifies the correct or incorrect use of upper and lower case.
  • It advises on the use of italics in foreign words.

  • Corrector ortotipográfico

Grammar checking

  • Thanks to its disambiguation capacity, Stilus is able to detect a high number of agreement errors at different phrasal levels.
  • Other confusing syntactic aspects are also considered, such as disagreement between verbal tenses or errors related to prepositional misuse.

  • Corrector grammatical

Style checking

Stilus is an automatic proofreading tool. Therefore, unlike human proofreaders, it cannot verify thoroughly textual consistency and cohesion. However, it provides hundreds of recommendations from recognized style manuals and language consultation books.

  • It gives advice on preferred spelling variants.

  • Revisión de estilo

  • It warns of lexical misuses.
  • It offers alternatives to foreign words and expressions.

  • Corrector de estilo

  • Stilus can find incorrect prepositional or adverbial usages or too long sentences that may make the text unclear or difficult to read. It also detects redundant expressions.
  • Finally, it recognizes the use of language (or dialectal) variants, technical terms, and different linguistic registers (colloquial words, archaisms, and so on).

  • Corrector estilístico
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