Linguistic tools

Stilus is more than an automated proofreader. It is a family of online linguistic resources that represent an ideal environment for learning, playing or even experimenting on language: morphosyntactic analyzer, verb conjugator, letter game, reverse dictionary…

Verb conjugator

Are you doubtful about conjugating a verb? Insert the desired infinitive or verbal expression in the Stilus conjugator, and you will obtain a table with the all of its forms conjugated.

Conjugador verbal

Morphosyntactic analyzer

Are you doubtful about the morphological description of one word, or the syntactic analysis of one sentence? Enter your text into the Morphosyntactic analyzer, and test the Stilus' potential for disambiguating and analyzing texts morphosyntactically.

Analizador sintáctico

Reverse dictionary

Do you write or translate poetry? Do you need a list of words with a specific ending? Use our Reverse dictionary and benefit from the search syntax to obtain better results.

Diccionario inverso

Letter game

Find out the longest words that Stilus can form with the set of letters that you choose

Juego de las letras
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