Stilus for Word 365 add-in

1 What is Stilus for Word 365?

Stilus for Word 365 is an add-in for Microsoft Word® that permits access to Stilus' interactive proofreading functionality and provides additional customization features all within the framework of your favorite word processor. Stilus for Word 365 allows you to detect and correct spelling, typographic, grammatical and stylistic errors directly in any document opened in Word.

While the review takes place on the customer’s computer, its operation requires an operative Internet connection in order to carry out user authentication and account for service consumption.

It is very easy to use. Once the add-in is installed, every time you open Microsoft Word you will notice that you have a new Stilus 365 tab in the ribbon, from which you can access the functionalities of the corrector.

Ribbon of Stilus 365

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2 Downloading, installing and removing the add-in

2.1 Installation requirements

  • Microsoft Word 365
  • An Internet connection

2.2 Installing the add-in

Get the Stilus for Word 365 add-in from Microsoft AppSource. Search and install it directly from Microsoft AppSource or open a Word document and click Insert > Add-ins > Get Add-ins. To find it using this method, use the search box that appears in the upper left-hand corner.

Search in AppSource

When you find the add-in, press the Add button to install it. You must accept the licence terms and privacy policy before it can be used, as shown in the following window.

Accept the license

Click Continue to finalize the installation. If it returns you to your document, the add-in should appear as Stilus 365 in a new tab.

2.3 Uninstalling the add-in

The Stilus for Word 365 add-in can be uninstalled in the same way as any other Word 365 add-in. Go to the Insert tab and click My Add-ins. In this new window, go to the My add-ins tab, right click on the Stilus 365 add-in and select delete.

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3 The Stilus 365 ribbon

The Stilus 365 ribbon consists of the following buttons:

Ribbon of Stilus 365

3.1 Button: Automatic proofreading

Press this button to start proofreading your document. See the section on Automatic proofreading with Stilus for Word 365 if you wish to know more about how to use the proofreading assistant.

Automatic proofreading button

NOTE: If you have not already logged in at, the system will require you to introduce your username (e-mail) and password in the Settings window, which are the same as those required to access the portal. Once this information is introduced and you have pressed Accept, Stilus will start to proofread your document immediately.

3.2 Button: User dictionary

This button permits access to the Stilus for Word 365 user dictionary, where you can add words which are unknown to Stilus a priori. By doing so, the proof-reader will not return any error messages when these words appear in a text. For more information, see the section on The Stilus for Word 365 User Dictionary.

User dictionary button

3.3 Button: Settings

This button opens a dialogue box where you will be able to set the configuration options for Stilus for Word 365. The available options, as well as their functionality, are described in the Stilus for Word 365 Configuration section.

Configuration button

3.4 Button: Search word

This button opens a new panel which allows you to query various online dictionaries provided by the Real Academia Española directly from Word.

To do this, simply choose one of the available dictionaries, select the word you wish to find out more about and press the Search button. For more information, see the section titled Search for words in the RAE manuals.

Search word

3.5 Button: About

This feature displays information regarding the application’s credentials.

About button

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4. Automatic proofreading with Stilus for Word 365

Clicking the Automatic Proofreading button will open the Stilus revision panel.

Revision panel

Stilus will proofread the text from the beginning of the paragraph in which the cursor is positioned and will proceed until the end of the document.

During the proofreading you can correct your text by clicking on any of the options offered by the Stilus assistant (Omit one, Omit all, Change one, Change all) or by clicking on the document to edit it manually (in this case, after introducing the changes, you will have to click Resume for Stilus to continue proofreading the text).

Suggestiong box

During the proofreading process it is also possible to add a term to the user dictionary, so that the proofreader will not return an error message on another occasion on the basis that the term is not recognised a priori.

Once the end of the document is reached, Stilus will notify you that the proofreading process has finished. In any case, you can stop the proofreading process at any time by clicking the assistant’s Finish button.

4.1 Stilus for Word 365 Configuration

On clicking the Settings button a window will open where you can alter the configuration options for the Stilus for Word 365 add-in.

Configuration window

For the add-in to function correctly, it is necessary to introduce your username (e-mail) and password (the same as those required to access the portal). If you press the Automatic proofreading button without having previously entered this information, the settings window will open automatically for you to enter your username and password.

To configure the interface language, select an option from the Interface language box. By doing so, it is possible to proofread a text with system instructions and didactic explanations in English or in Spanish.

Finally, if you wish to configure the linguistic proofreading options, click on the Access button (which can be found to the right of ‘configure the review language options from the Stilus portal’). The system will automatically take you to the portal’s Proofreading options page. Once you have changed the linguistic configuration, click Save changes: from now on, the Stilus for Word 365 add-in will function in accordance with your new linguistic preferences.

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5. The Stilus for Word 365 User Dictionary

Clicking on the User dictionary button opens a panel that allows you to add, edit or remove terms that are not recognised a priori by Stilus.

Similarly, terms added using the wizard’s Add to dictionary button during the proofreading process will also be automatically added to the list.

User dictionary

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6. Search for words in the RAE manuals

Clicking on the Search word button will display a panel, independent from the proofreading panel, which will allow you to look up a selected word in online dictionaries provided by the Real Academia Española.

Using the selector, choose from the different reference manuals, select the word in the text you wish to find out more about and press the Search button. This action will open your default browser and automatically access the academic content on the word in the chosen manual.

Search word

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