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Stilus, much more than the best spelling and grammar checker for texts in Spanish...

  • It uses Natural Language Processing technology to check the spelling, grammar and style of your texts with surprising accuracy.
  • It offers precise and up-to-date suggestions with explanations and references.
  • It will help you improve your proficiency in writing and increase your productivity in professional proofreading without foregoing track changes functionality.
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Stilus, spelling, grammar and style proofreader

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Up-to-date suggestions with references

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Request a check report of your text, web page or document in one click

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Check your texts interactively directly on the web site

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Proofread in Microsoft Word with Stilus for Word or Stilus Macro for Word

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Customize the proofreading according to your linguistic preferences or your client’s ones

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You will also find interesting language technology tools

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Estimate the budget of your orders by words, characters, pages, or thousands of "matrices"

New features!

Stilus Macro para Word
Stilus Macro for Word
Perform the bulk of your proofreading in one click and without exiting from Word!
  • Applies automatically hundres of replacements
  • Personal replacements dictionary
  • Output in track changes mode


Stilus Sprint
Do you need to correct urgently large volumes of text? Boost your productivity with Stilus Sprint!

Increase by 1 000 000 the number of words of your proofreading balance and decide when and how to consume it. Compatible with all Stilus modalities. Passes are cumulative.

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Spell, grammar and
style checking




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web service






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Stilus es un corrector / revisor ortográfico, gramatical y de estilo multiidioma y accesible vía web o integrado en Microsoft Word